No Man’s Sky Now Releasing in August

We have been hearing about the latest edition in games world, ‘No Man’s Sky’ but all we have heard till now has been the talks of its launch. Those who have really liked the space exploration promise of this game up to almost infinite extent are still quite excited to get their hands on the release but most of us are getting rather restless as latest news about a delay in its release from 21st June to now 9th August have surfaced. This PS4 game has been in talks across gaming platforms as the graphics and the gameplay seems rather promising, the right kind of interests have been piqued however, we still have to see if it lives up to the expectations people have from ‘No Man’s Sky’.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Sean Murray the head of the British team behind this game, Hello Games has explained the delay is confirmed and is due to making the game even more refined because the team felt certain areas still required some working on it. Last Friday, he stated that ‘extra polish’ is required in some main moments in the game for a properly refined gaming experience in their new release. The standards have to be met before they can finalize the finished product for the release.

no man's skyHello Games have a reputation of not compromising on game quality but this one seems a lot more special as we have seen quite some ambition from the group regarding this particular game. Needless to say, this game is going to be their best release so far or so we hope because the hype has raised the bar for expectations.

The storyline for the game is quite interesting where you would be playing from a first-person perspective as a space explorer. The world is made by every player, each player will have a ship and will be able to get resources from mining and shooting enemies. The mere fact that the game design includes billions of planets to be explored has left many gamers excited to get started. No Man’s Sky is an algorithmic design meaning it is procedurally created. The game is undoubtedly a big release in both senses, size and type where a lot of gamers are waiting to review the game to see what it has in store for them. It is definitely a treat for Space lovers and gamers of this genre.

Waiting for your favorite game takes enough of your patience and when a delay is reported, frustration is the natural response as witnessed on social media soon as Kotaku mentioned rumors of delay last week.

Naturally, Murray from Hello Games came forward with a solid explanation stating they are too close now and making sure the right decisions are made regarding every aspect of the game. Provided they are true to their word which they always are, this is understandable as users would not want anything less than best after all the hype regarding No Man’s Sky. It is always a good practice to make sure people are getting the best product the team could come up with.