T&B has been using the internet for business since before the advent of the World Wide Web and consumer ISPs. We sort through the confusing array of options to provide our clients with the simplest and most efficient solutions to match their needs. Below are some links to information about our internet services and technical guides to do it yourself.

Internet for Business

What does the Internet mean for your business? What can an internet presence do for a small business and what’s involved? This is an overview for the non technical reader.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services, please send us an email.

Do It Yourself

The information below is for the more technically minded who may want to set up their own internet services.


A technical introduction to TCP/IP routing from a local network to the internet.


A tabulated comparison of several NAT internet routers that connect a local ethernet network to the internet via a 56k modem.

Internet Gateway

Special configuration details, pioneered by T&B, for the Vicom Internet Gateway to run on the same computer as a fast server (such as AppleShare) without losing internal speed.


Special considerations when setting up domain name servers with a NAT router.


Email is still the lifeblood and main internet use for most businesses. Learn how an email server and clients can be best used in corporate or shared environments.