Do You Know About These Android Exclusive Apps?

Exclusivity is not limited to an iOS device, there are many apps out there that only support android devices and we all know Android is a very app friendly platform. The best feature about Android is having so many options when it comes to choosing apps so there is a variety in all categories. You can try any and all apps for the features you are looking for and finalize the one that suits your smartphone usage style the best. Across Android app developers, there has been a great show of innovation and creativity. Some of these very useful apps that you might not know of, are listed here. Take your pick!

ADV Screen Recorder is quite useful when you have a number of instructions to follow but you cannot download that video or if someone is showing you a certain way of tweaking your phone but it’s hard for you to remember all the steps. Not to forget to record your amazing performance in certain pretty difficult phone games. This app allows you to record all that is going on, on your Android device screen. There is no prerequisite to root your phone to be able to use this feature and to top it all, this app is absolutely free. If you want to score a point over iPhone, this app or the like isn’t available for screen recording an iPhone.

google-opinions-2Next in line is Google Opinion Rewards app. This one is a tricky one to find as with freedom of apps in Android, comes the freedom to make fake apps. But once you find the genuine app and get a sponsor ID then you would not have to spend a dime from your pocket on buying apps from Google Play anymore. This app provides you points against each consumer survey you fill from Google. The points vary for each survey but you can get up to $1 for only filling out a form.

We all sometimes get too busy to have to check our phones manually and go through each notification one by one. This problem can be solved by getting Audify, a free app to read out all your notifications aloud. The catch here is connecting it with an external speaker or headphones for your privacy as the app runs on the basis that connecting a headset means you are not free to access your device and scroll through the notifications.

If you are tired of unlocking your Android device through the same old password/pattern method where most of the times you really tend to forget what password you set last time then an exciting app in this category is Applock Face/Voice Recognition app. This works by letting you opt for a face recognition unlocking feature or through a voice command but the catch is someone can use your picture to trick the app. Not to worry though, you can always use the ‘liveness’ feature that allow you to set a face movement pattern for unlocking this app.

There are plenty more similar exciting apps across Android platform that allow you to enhance your phone experience making it more convenient and fun.